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Helping you develop and strengthen the relationships your organization has with the people it serves.

Naomi Dornfeld

Copywriter + Content Creator + Support Specialist


Client Focused Services: What do you need to get crossed off your to-do list? 

Naomi helped me with the final touches on a few marketing materials. She executed my vision in a timely manner, allowing me to focus on other aspects of my business while placing full trust in her hands.

She exceeded my expectations by asking engaging questions from the start!

I would highly recommend her services."

Desiree Ochs

Desiree Ochs | D'Luxe Salon owner

About Me

I received my degree in English Language Arts with a certified focus in Creative Writing from UW-Parkside in May 2019.

As a loyal subscriber to the pursuit of life-long learning, I have continued to build my skill set since then. I am deeply interested in sharing people's stories, nurturing interests, and doing my part to cultivate authentic connections. 

My mission is to produce high-quality, outcome-oriented content that exceeds the expectations of my clients from the first phase of every project to the last. 

I look forward to learning more about what you do and how I can help.

Writing & Content 

7 Fun Ideas for a Week in Red Wing, MN

Located just an hour and a half south of St. Paul on back roads, or 45 minutes on the highway, the city of Red Wing, MN offers Twin Cities residents an easy and affordable getaway. It is close enough for an overnight and far enough for a whole weekend to feel a real change of pace. With the turn of the season already here, busy Midwesterners like myself may well enjoy looking toward a short trip “out of town,” before the colors turn and the last of the leaves fall. This Great River Road Nationa

As I Go: First Solo Moto Trip to Chiang Rai

If I had to single out one new phrase to encapsulate my trip to Chiang Rai and back it would be: ฉันไม่ชินกับสิ่งนี้ (which I cannot read, either); “I’m not used to this.” I’m Not Used to this Living as a foreigner is doing magnificent work augmenting realizations of my limited worldly awareness. I am nearly constantly encountering a word, a space, a food, a sound, a smell, a route, an idea, a norm, a way of doing life that is unknown to me. It is truly an adventure and an incredible remind

5 Great Thai Restaurants to Try in St. Paul, MN

5 Great Thai Restaurants to Try in St. Paul, MN I can remember reluctantly walking away from the Thai Sunday Market in St. Louis Park, MN one rainy summer weekend in 2021, still treating my tongue to the last remnant of peanut sauce from a spring roll on my upper lip, toying with the new string “blessing” a local Monk secured to my wrist. The memory was embedded with importance as the evening I decided that I would put in my notice at work, pack up a couple of suitcases, and get on a plane to S

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